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Doro Kiley, Professional Certified Coach



You've just discovered Creation Coach; your first step to finding PURPOSE, BALANCE, PASSION and SUCCESS with the support of your own personal coach.

"Creation is what living things do; from
acorns to empires. It isn't simply about
getting what you want - it's about allowing
your perfect life to unfold; the life where your own
personal happiness lies. But sometimes it takes courage,
support and understanding to overcome past conditioning."

~ Doro ~

Doro Kiley, PCC
Professional Certified Coach

  • life coaching
    Inner sense of well-being/ Spiritual inquiry/ Health and diet/ Stress reduction/ Partners, children and other relationships/Loss, crisis/ Loneliness and aging/ Communication/ Speaking your truth and Loving yourself

[met-uh-mawr-fohz, -fohs] v.

1. to change the form or nature of; transform.


Doro's unique coaching method is
The VISION Process

Visualize and meditate on what you want

Inquire, investigate and "feel-out" your options

Strategize a well defined plan of action that feels right

Implement your plan one step at a time

Obtain your goal!

Nurture yourself and celebrate your accomplishment!


Changing your life takes focus and support

The VISION Process© from beginning to end takes time, focus, inspiration and clear intention. We all get lost in our busy days and often our best intentions are forgotten or put off. Professional coaching is the solution to this common scenario. It keeps you focused, on track and accountable until you attain your goal.

Coaching is by telephone so it doesn't matter where you live in the world. You will be calling me at (540) 929-4703 East Coast US time (UTC/GMC -5 hours)

I work with artists, professionals, parents, entrepreneurs and anyone seeking to discover, pursue and develop purpose and meaning in their life

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"Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. If we first establish peace within our minds, outer peace will come naturally, but if we do not, outer peace and world peace will never be achieved." -Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Is Coaching for You?
Do you see yourself in any of these examples?
You're my ideal kind of client if you:

How It Works
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Mindfulness Based Coaching

About Doro
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Rates and Pricing
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To Whom It May Concern: I worked with Doro ...
Doro is a wonderful coach! She showed me ...
I came to coaching to “fine tune” some identified issues ...
Dear Doro - I wanted to write to let you know how much ...
With a combination of thoughtful listening and great ...
It is my pleasure to acknowledge Doro, and her ...
Doro: Thank you for the great job you did in coaching ...
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The Spiritual Conspiracy

Free Support Materials
Coaching Intake Information
* What Is Coaching? (pdf)
* Coaching Call Prep Form (pdf)
* Come To Session Ready (pdf)
* How It Works (pdf)
* Coaching Questionnaire (pdf)

* Creation Coach Agreement (pdf)
Coaching Support Information and Worksheets

* The Clean Sweep (pdf)
* Values List (pdf)
* Balancing Work and Family (pdf)
* Conscious Capitalism (pdf)
* Where is Your Quality of Life? (pdf)
Self Improvement Stories and Information
* The Human Acorn (pdf)
* Floating Stones (pdf)
* Lions at the Gate (pdf)
* Contemplations on the Subject of Desire (pdf)
* Coaching for Mindfulness (pdf)
* Radical Personal Responsibility (pdf)
* Creating Your Life vs. Allowing (pdf)
* Meditation FAQs (pdf)
* M is for Mindfulness (pdf)
* A is for Allowance (pdf)
* The Art of Living by S.N. Goenka (pdf)
* Tonglen Practice by Pema Chodron (the cultivation of compassion) (pdf)
* The Four Agreements by don Miguel (pdf)
Nonviolent Communication PDF files
* NVC Handout
* Feelings_Needs
* Translating Jackal

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