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Doro Kiley, Professional Certified Coach

This life coach
is for you if...

~ you consider yourself a mindful / spiritual person but might struggle with integrating your mindfulness and spirituality into your daily life and relationships

~ you've heard of quantum physics and believe the universe, and all things in it, are made of energy

~ you're open to the idea that your beliefs and thoughts might influences this quantum energy and can create your experience

~ you know that your beliefs and thoughts are tied to some feeling or emotion. You can see that they dictate the quality of your created experience

~ you believe you can learn to choose your thoughts and the feelings tied to them, in order to intentionally influence and create a positive outcome.

~ you believe in the power of positive thinking but you're increasingly anxious about our global future

~ you're finding it harder and harder to concentrate

~ your health is suffering due to pressure and over work

~ your relationships are stressed or failing

~ you're not receiving enough support from friends and family


If you can relate to one or more of these issues
contact me or

Doro Kiley, PCC
Professional Certified Coach
Doro is also a longtime PCC (professional certified coach) through the International Coach Federation and provides mentor coaching to coach students
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ICF Mentor Coach for coach students
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Doro Kiley, PCC Certified Life Coach
Virginia, USA